Thursday, April 26, 2012

The View From My Front and Back Door

I’m sure all of us gardeners look at our gardens from doorways and windows. I know I certainly often look out at my garden. I thought it would be nice to keep a record of my garden, by photographing the view from my front and back door once a month. Not only is it fun to watch the evolution of the season, but it is also nice to see changes put in place by the hand of the gardener. These photos include January, February, March and April; beginning in the upper left.
This is the view standing on the front porch. As you can see, we had a very dramatic transformation. We now have a water feature in our Front Garden.

Here we are still standing on the front porch, but now looking to the right. We have a new patio with a fire pit, which was part of our Front Garden make-Over. We are still waiting on new furniture.

Now we are looking out the back door. The crape myrtle tree is a dominate feature. We love the shade it provides for our outdoor dining table.
If you would like to see the photos from last month, then follow this link: The View From My Front and Back Door


  1. Everything is looking so nice, Lucy.
    Keeping a record, month by month, is a great idea.
    I think I might try it, too.
    Enjoy your hard work.

  2. A great transformation!
    I love the topiary bushes, they create a lot of harmony in your front yard ...
    Here, not accustomed to having fire pit, but I always think to put one in my garden.


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