Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to Leave the Nest

I recently had a pair of Northern Cardinals raise their young in my back garden. From the time they built their nest until the hatchlings flew was only about a month. Last week the babies fledged the nest. The following is a series of photographs taken as they left the nest and began to fly.
Well, I guess there comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to leave home and spread your wings.

This was home for three baby Cardinals. Their parents had a nest in this bay. I was in the habit of looking in on them every morning. I noticed on the morning of April 19, the hatchlings where still in their nest.

Later in the day, I noticed two of the Cardinals perched on the edge of the nest.

I frantically searched the ground for the third baby, but they were nowhere to be found.

The parents were very upset with me being so close to their babies. I decided to go inside and let everyone calm down. Then later I looked out the window and I saw one of the babies on our dining table.

While I was getting my camera, I saw the hatchling make the short flight to the chair.

The momma Cardinal came and perched on another chair and chirped loudly to her baby.

The baby looked around and seemed unsure as to what she wanted.

Next, the mom flew to a plant hanger and called to the baby again.

Her young one looked over at her, but still didn’t seem to know what she wanted.

The mother came and perched next to her baby and chirped as if to call them to follow her.

Then the mom flew off and the baby looked a little confused.

She returned and again called to her little one to join her.

However, her baby continued to hold on to its’ perch.

The momma Cardinal called to her baby from just above the table.

The baby looked over at me.

The momma called again.

But the baby held fast.

The mother called again in a very excited fashion.

Then suddenly the baby flew up to meet their mom and the two of them flew quickly over the fence.
I have seen the parents in my garden almost every day. The babies I have not seen since they fledged. I hope I will get an opportunity to see them one more time.
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  1. This is so funny the way you tell the story! ^^

    And what a look for the baby! ah ah!

    Thanks for sharing this! 8)

  2. Small birds grow fast :)


  3. Great story and pictures. Nature is pretty amazing.

  4. Lucy, you're so entertaining. Very sweet story, but that is an ugly baby. :))

  5. Merveilleuse aventure et les photos sont remarquables. La nature nous offre de grands moments.Quelle patience mais le résultat est formidable
    belle soirée jocelyne


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