Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Where I Sit

This is my third photo easy on this topic. I love places to sit in the garden. You always have a slightly different perspective while sitting. I try to create great views from each location. During the winter months this is not always easy. With the first day of spring just around the corner, I believe you can tell my garden is waking up!
A retro chair...

The view from the retro chair...

A cedar glider...

The view from the cedar glider...

A garden bench...

The view from the garden bench...

A cider swing…

The view from the cider swing…

An Adirondack chair on the back patio...

The view from an Adirondack chair...

A bistro chair...

The view from the bistro chair...
You can view my previous most on this subject and see how much the garden has changed by following this link:  From Where I Sit


  1. What a great way to show us a big part of your beautiful garden! I use to have many chairs around too, but since we've moved 3 years ago on a place with a much smaller garden, I don't have as many places to put a chair with a view.

    But I'm not worry, I have plenty to see around even in my small garden.

    Congratulations! You've made a wonderful place to live and enjoy! 8)

  2. What wonderful post. Love all the little corners, and hidden places, to sit down and have some tea or read a nice book while birdies and butterflies come out to visit. Your garden is really precious. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. ~ Andi

  3. Lucy, you have a very homely garden :)


  4. Oh I love this idea for a post! And I love all your seating areas too. Lovely!

  5. Une belle façon de contempler son jardin assis sur un de ces siéges très originaux. Votre jardin est très agréable à visiter.Je découvre à chaque fois des scènes délicieuses. J'ai bien aimé le banc blanc .
    belle soirée jocelyne

  6. Dear Lucy,
    Beautiful and more beautiful. I love your style and all your garden features. It looks so relaxing and inviting.
    I need to do a similar post, only I'm going to call it 'From Where I Clip' since I've got that VINE in my garden. Your comment has actually scared me and after 45 years of Texas gardening, I don't scare easily. Maybe this is just the thing I need to get my mind off of my problems at work. I can just take it out on that vine. Whack therapy!

  7. You have a lovely garden and the different sitting places make it even more interesting.


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