Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Front Garden Make-Over Volume 7

One of our goals for the front garden make-over was to increase the size of our front porch. We considered pouring a concrete slab, but price was an issue. Our solution was to extend the area around the porch using pavers. I plan to add a column with potted plants and a concrete bench to these small patios. Hopefully, it will make a nice focal point. I hope when we our finished it will feel open and warm for guests arriving at the front door.
When we started the make-over plants were growing very close to the house and front side walk.

All the plants were moved forward two feet to create a weeding pathway. The plants close to the front sidewalk were also moved.

Soil was moved to create a level surface.

Metal edging was used to mark the boundary of the small patio.

Here is the shape we decided looked best.

Next, weed block was placed on the surface.

Then paver sand was placed over the weed block.

The paver sand was smoothed out with the back of a rake.

Next, the muscle man decided on a pattern.

As you can see, there will be many cuts, because the pavers do not all fit.

First, he draws on the paver where he needs to make the cut.

Then he uses a saw to score the paver.

Next, with a hammer and a chisel he breaks the paver.

He uses the hammer to smooth the paver.

The he gentle taps in the paver.

Oh! Happy Day! It fits! The bad news is there are ten more pavers to cut on this side alone.

Here is how it looks at the end of the weekend.

This is the view of the opposite side of the front door before the make-over began.

He is the same view with the plants moved.

In this photo, the weeding path is complete and the metal edging marks the small patio.

Here is how this side looks at the end of the weekend.

This is the view standing on the front porch looking out towards the street. This photo was taken in January of 2012.

Here is the same view with the plants moved.

Here is the same view taken from this past weekend.

Here is a look to the right, standing on the front porch. This photo was also taken in January of 2012.

Here is the same view today.
When I look back at these photos, I can tell we have accomplished a huge about of work. However, we still have a several more large tasks. One of which is the water feature. I’ve done several tile mosaics and always wanted to try a pebble mosaic. We decided to create a pebble mosaic around the water feature. This coming weekend we will sort out the mosaic, finish the small patios near the front door and install the weeding path to the right of the front door. It’s so exciting! We are so looking forward to completion. Here is my previous post about the Front Garden Make-Over.


  1. Magnifique reportage, bien expliqué et les photos nous montrent bien le travail réalisé. La forme donnée à l'allée est très agréable et j'imagine très bien le résultat.
    Belle soirée jocelyne

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful! Such hard work, but such lovely result! I just love your header with all the yellow pictures.

    Have a lovely night! Love Hanna

  3. Looks fabulous! Love the concrete pavers. Wonderful hardscaping idea.

  4. Hi Lucy, a very nice story about how to change a front garden. The result looks really good.


  5. Love those pavers! And I always wondered exactly how to cut them - thanks for the mini tutorial! Looks great!


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