Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three for Thursday: For the Birds

Cindy From My Corner of Katy has given us a challenge to post Three for Thursday. That means…Pick 3 pictures of plants from your garden ... tell us about 3 books you've read that you want to share ... rant about 3 things that bug the heck out of you ... show us 3 pieces of garden art or 3 photos of egregious crimes against gardening ... you choose what your three will be.  Just have fun and be creative!
So here is my Three for Thursday…In the fall, I start to think about the birds in my garden and how they will fair during the winter months.  I have a feeding station, several water sources and places for cover, however I believe in planting bird friendly food sources as well.  Here are three of my current favorite plants for fall and winter food sources in my garden.

Pequin or “Bird Pepper” is a pepper often found growing wild in Texas.  The pepper is highly prized in cooking Mexican food.  The plant produces white flowers that are then followed by the fruits.  The fruits turn green, to dark green and then red.  I have often used these in holiday wreaths.
Drawf Barbados Cherry or Malpighia glabra is a small shrub that easily lends to shaping. The plant produces small pink and white flowers.  In my garden, this plant flowers and fruits several times each year.  The fruits are small and globe shaped, often quickly consumed by birds.

Firebush or Hameila patens Rubiaceae is a large mounding shrub.  The tubular orange red flowers are a feast for hummingbirds and butterflies.  In the fall the shrub sets fruits that are a delight of mockingbirds and catbirds.

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  1. Lucy, thanks for joining in 3 for Thursday. I hope to get back into posting regularly on Thursdays and I'd love for you to do so also. I didn't realize the mockers love Hamelia berries ... cool! Barbados Cherry has been such a trooper in my garden this year and it's absolutely spectacular in some spots.


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